Goodbye 2017

When I reflect back to 2017 I like to think of it as a very successful year. 2017 for me was full of so many good memories, achievements and opportunities.

I learnt a lot this year about living alone, learning how to manage money, making new friends and working in a professional environment at University.

I moved out of home and ventured into University in Birmingham, I made some new friends for life, I worked with many exciting brands and I travelled to new and exciting places!


Since starting University I have made a lot of new friendships and previous friendships have grown even closer!




The year started off with me celebrating 2017 in my jacuzzi at home with my parents and a few bottles of champagne to celebrate. We pampered ourselves and relaxed into 2017 cheersing to a good and happy year.



We had just had the big family Christmas hosted at our house with family all the way from Australia!




It was nice to enjoy new years eve with just me and my parents. Normally we have a big new years party drinking and dancing so it was lovely to relax and pamper ourselves into 2017 this year! I don’t see my parents so much now I’m at University :(!

This year I worked hard on various fun and excited modules with companies at University including this Doctor Who module as shown below!



One of my most exciting achievements this year was modelling Garnier’s new hair range. I went along to a photo shoot where I got my hair and makeup done ready to show off their new and deliciously smelling hair range! I met some very lovely girlies there including another blogger named Charlotte. (I’ve linked her blog)



In April I travelled to a new country that I’ve never been to and I went to Portugal for Easter. Last Easter was a difficult time as my Grandad sadly passed away so me and my parents decided to escape to the sun this year instead!





My only ‘summer’ break during my intensive two-year course was a three-week break in July and a four-week break in September.

In my first summer break, I escaped to Menorca from some sun, scuba diving and relaxation. I went to Menorca last year too and it’s a location that myself and my family have enjoyed going to since I was a little girl. It’s full of so many lovely & happy memories/moments.




In my second summer break, I escaped to Cornwall where I had a social detox and shot my most recently Primark haul. Primark loved the blog post and asked me to upload it to Primania.com so go check out my outfits there!

I also spotted the Poldark crew! Sadly there was no selfie with Aiden Turner 😦





This year I also got to work with some amazing companies in regard with my blog. BLOW offered to do my hair and makeup for a festive blog post on Laurenwritesbeauty.org. How fun and exciting?!


They invited me to their launch event to celebrate the launch of their services at Debenhams in London, Birmingham and manchester. Blow also offer an at home service which is available via their app! Beauty that comes to you? Yes please! 



To end the year off I celebrated Christmas, New Year and my 21st Birthday in Antigua.

It was an amazingly beautiful and relaxing holiday with my parents! I saw my first shark and turtle scuba diving, got some great content, Sunbathed on the beautiful beaches and drunk all the rum cocktails that Antigua had to offer!


I cannot wait to see what the new year brings. I hope it brings me lots of happiness, success and positivity!


Happy New Year everyone – I hope it’s a good one for you guys!

Speak soon,

– Lauren, xo


4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2017

    1. It really was my best year yet I think and I’m sad to say goodbye. I’m excited to see what 2018 brings me though!!

      I wish you all the happiness too 💗
      Thank you! Xx

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