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Affordable christmas room inspo

Hi Guys,

With Christmas coming up and budgets small due to spending your money on gifts for friends and family I decided to help out with how to decorate your room on an affordable budget.

I love luxury which isn’t good for my student budget but I’ve managed to find luxury whilst still sticking to an affordable and low budget. I shop the sales, find the bargains and splurge where needed.

– I will link everything if possible! If not I will link similar 🙂

My Front Door

Similar here

I have lots of friends and family in Australia so this year’s stocking is Aussie themed and full of gold coins! We don’t normally do stockings in our family and I am luckily away in the warm Caribean this year so I will be enjoying my stocking early this year!

My Bathroom Door

Similar here

This is my equivalent of a wreath at University. Due to not having a front door to hang a  wreath on I opted for a gold bell heart to hang on my bathroom door. This was from Wilkinsons at a bargain price of £4!

My Desk + Wardrobe

Tree quote, Fairy Lights, snowballs, Lanterns, Gold tree – GIFT

I love fairy lights at all times of the year and if you ask any of my friends I have far too many in my room. I personally believe that you can never have enough fairy lights and lanterns to enjoy the perfect cosy space.

I did a little DIY with my fairy lights by wrapping some gold star coil along the fairy lights and popping in some snowball decorations too.

Desk notice board


Similar Here 

When it came to my notice board I try to keep it as an inspiring, bright and positive space.

To make it more festive I simply hung some snowflake decorations in the corners and pinned my beautifully designed Christmas cards up. The cards act as free festive prints – great! I always have fairy lights around this noticeboard!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 17.01.27.png

On my desk, I have a very mini Christmas tree which my mind kindly got me from the White Company. I also have a mini jar filled with some Terry’s chocolate orange slices. As you can see the jar isn’t full… I have been snacking on them whilst I work.

Typing about the Terry’s slices made me just grab a few… Dangerously tempting!

Bedside table and Bed

All of the above are either DIY’s, Gifts or no longer sold so I’ve linked similar. 

When it comes to my bed area I like to keep it neat, tidy and minimalist. On my bedside table, I have a little DIY that I did, a festive candle from Homesense (which smells of a mix between a Christmas tree and candy canes) and finally a little polar bear decoration with my name on.

Above my bed, I have a dream catcher which I strongly believe in and another personalised decoration from my Mum!

Shoutout to my Mum for providing me with most of these decorations! 

See you guys next Sunday for a new festive blog post

– Lauren, XO

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