My travel routine

Hi guys,

I’m off on holiday! – As you read this I will be a week into my lovely holiday in Menorca, Spain. This is my first time travelling alone which is both scary and exciting!
I thought that I I would share my travelling routine. What I do the night before, on the day and when I arrive at my destination!

I hope you enjoy this post

The night before:

I always make sure that I relax and get an early night before a flight. When I’m travelling I make myself a tick list which my Mum always used to do and it’s so helpful. This list includes thing such as; Make sure the bins are empty, Is my suitcase packed, Is my liquids bag packed, Do I have sunglasses in my handbag, Is my passport and boarding pass in my handbag? 

7 pm: – The night before travelling I like to make myself a safe and easy dinner such as pasta or pizza. Tonight I am having some at home Spanish ‘Tapas. I have some heavy goats cheese, tuna pate, calamari and garlic aolli. 

8 pm: – After eating my dinner I like to have a shower and wash my hair and shave my legs so that’s I’m holiday/sun ready when I step off the plane. I will also wash my face and apply some skin care to keep my skin moisturised and glowing ready for wearing no makeup the next day!

8:30 pm: – Once I have showered I will also wash my face and apply some skin care to keep my skin moisturised and glowing ready for wearing no makeup the next day!

9 pm: – Time for bed, I will now get myself an early night as travelling can be very tiring. I normally apply some hand cream and lip balm before falling asleep so that I wake up with soft lips and hands!

The day:

9 am: – I typically wake up at around 8-9am thanks to my internal body clock being trained this way for University. Today I don’t have an early flight luckily – My flight is at 2 pm so I have plenty of time to get any last minute to do’s done and relax for a bit before getting a taxi to the airport.

I will normally lay in bed for ten minutes on my phone checking my social media, emails and comments from you guys!

9:30 am: – Time for breakfast. My normal breakfast will either be yoghurt, granola and berries or toast with Nutella and bananas. Today I am having Nutella on toast with bananas as I have one banana left to use up, toast in the freezer and no yoghurt or berries.

10:00 am: – I have now finished my breakfast so I will wash and put away all of my dishes away, empty the bins, clean my room and make sure everything is packed and ready to go!

12:30: – Time to jump in my uber to the airport. I am flying to Menorca from Birmingham airport which is 23 minutes away from my University halls. I am flying out from University and meeting my parents there as I have been going to this holiday destination since I was 3 so I know my way around the island/ where I’m going.

1:30: – I would have now gone through security and purchased a few naughty duty-free treats and it’s time for lunch. Today I decided to treat myself and go to all bar one in Birmingham airport for some fizzy and lunch. It can be very daunting dining on your own but at airports, many people are travelling and dining on their own so it’s okay!

I treated myself to some fizzy today to help with the pre-flight nerves! I hate flying especially on my own!

During the flight:

14:45: – Time for takeoff. The flight duration is roughly 2 hours long so I would normally have some movies or tv episodes downloaded in advance on my Netflix app. Watching TV or films keeps me distracted from the facts that I am thousands of feet up in the air as well as helping to pass the time.

The night of the arrival:

17:00: – Yay I’ve landed. I will now get a taxi to meet my parents in the little town S’algar. This is where I will be staying for the next two weeks – I will be scuba diving, sunbathing, exploring the local beaches and eating/drinking all of the yummy Spanish produce.

Hopefully, when I arrive at the apartment my parents will have cooked up a yummy meal for me ready to eat followed by a shower then an early night.

I will always unpack the next day as I’m often tired from travelling. I’m normally quite organised by planning my first outfit and pyjamas to be at the top of the suitcase!

I hope that you guys enjoy this blog post, it was something a little bit different for me I thought that this could help some of you get/stay organised before travelling this summer. 

Where are you going this summer if you’re going away? Let me know In the comments because I’m nosy and would love to know! 😜

See you guys soon,

– Lauren, XO

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