My packing & travelling tips to help you this Summer

Hi guys,

I’m lucky enough to be a fairly regular traveller so I thought that it would be interesting for you guys if I shared my packing/travelling tips as well as how I only pack the essential liquids into my small liquids bag. 

In my family, we spend the majority of our time travelling with only hand luggage so I’ve become fairly good at packing light when it comes to clothes and liquids.


Here are 6 packing/travelling tips;

  1. Wear your bulkiest yet comfiest outfit on the plan – If you’re taking wedges, creasy trousers and a jumped on holiday then wear them on the plane. Wear your most delicate and expensive sunglasses too in case they get broken or go missing! 
  2. Roll your clothes – Roll your clothes instead of folding them as it means that you can fit more in your suitcase whilst keeping your clothes from creasing 
  3. Narrow it down – Narrow your clothes and liquids down and be realistic. Can you really be bothered to wear lots of makeup and think about outfits on holiday too much? Pre-plan your outfits and makeup looks realistically. 
  4. Customise your case – Add your own custom luggage tag and ribbon around your case to avoid the hassle of exchanging cases with a stranger. I brought myself a unique luggage tag and made my own custom label to avoid confusion! 
  5. To save hassle download your boarding pass onto your phone – With modern technology it’s so much easier to have everything in one place when travelling now so to save yourself the hassle of paperwork download your boarding pass onto your phone, most companies offer this now! 
  6. Don’t be afraid to go for a drink on your own – I don’t know about you but I can get quite stressed and anxious when travelling alone so don’t be afraid whether you are with friends or on your own to have a few drinks before the flight. Of course don’t turn up to the gate over the limit and at risk of being turned away but a few confidence drinks never hurt anyone! 

Here‘s a really great packing list that I’ve found on Pinterest which helps you to pack light and realistically!

 What’s your best travelling tip?

See you guys soon,

– Lauren, XO

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