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Holiday essentials

Hi Guys,

As you read this I’m officially in Menorca, Spain sunning myself and scuba diving and I thought that I would share with you what my holiday essentials are!

These are products and items that MUST come on holiday with me that I use every day to keep myself safe from the sun whilst still being glamorously tanned and glowing.



  1. A Beach hat – beach hats are essential to keep the sun off your face whilst looking glamorous and totally instagramable!
  2. Protection Spray For Your Hair – Having coloured hair I know how important it is to protect your hair from the sun, the pool and the sea so I use this Charles Worthington leave in sun protection spray to help keep my hair in a good condition whilst on holiday or out in the sun!
  3. A Pool Float – This is a must to be the coolest gal in the pool on holiday. I love all of the fun pool floats that I’m seeing on Instagram right now! This flamingo one was from Primark for £10! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram to see me posing on my flamingo pool float!
  4. A Glowing Body Oil – I love this body oil from The Body Shop because it’s non-greasy and affordable with amazing effects! I love using shimmering body oil’s on holiday because it brings out your gorgeous tan even more.
  5. A Tinted Moisturiser – if you are or aren’t going away this year then Garnier’s summer body moisturiser is great for you! It adds a slow build up tint of tan to your body whilst being a thick and luxurious moisturiser that sinks in quick. I love this product enough to call it a holy grail product of mine – I simply can’t live without it in the summer time to keep my tan topped up!
  6. A Moisturising Face Mist – No one likes being hot, sweaty and flustered on holiday so I always like to carry around a face mist to soothe my hot and sweaty face. Right now I’m loving Garnier’s ‘moisture bomb’ face mist. It’s a light spray with a fruity scent that is under 100ml meaning you can take it on holiday and in your beach bag without it taking up too much room either!
  7. A SPF Lip Balm – When going out in the sun a lot of people forget that your lips can burn too so I always make sure to carry around an SPF lip balm in order to keep my lips soft and plump in case of any summer romances… 😉 I love this one by Kiehl’s because it is a rich balm with SPF 15!
  8. Hands are important too – Next, I like to use a hand cream to again keep my hands nice and soft. Not included in the pictures above but I like to always keep a hand sanitizer and cream in my bag as the beach can be a dirty and drying place for your skin so it’s important to cleanse and moisturise your hands regularly.
  9. SPF SPF SPF – My next essential is a face SPF. SPF is so important as it protects your skin from ageing and the possibility of skin cancer. I make sure to always apply my SPF regularly and I love this one from Clinique – It’s SPF 4o, non-greasy and lightweight!
  10. Last but no least – Body SPF, I like this one from Hawaiin Tropic – It’s a spray oil making it easy with an added bonus of giving your skin a beautiful glowing sheen.

A few last tips to last you through summer;

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Fruit is better than ice cream – You won’t bloat and you WILL keep your summer body
  • Take lots of Instagrams no matter where you are as long as the sun in shining 
  • Follow the #LaurenVacays to keep up to date with my adventures this summer! 

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on my Summer Essentials

Please let me know your summer essentials in the comments below and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #LaurenVacays to keep up to date with my summer adventures 

See you next Sunday at 6 pm! 

– Lauren, XO 

2 thoughts on “Holiday essentials

    1. The spray is so good! I highlight my hair so it’s a must!!

      I’ve got a gorgeous watermelon SPF and it’s so hydrating and delicious! It’s the one thing people always regret forgetting!


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