What’s in my travel beauty bag?

Hi Guys,

As you are reading this I will probably be sunbathing on a beach in Menorca which is an island off the coast of Spain – Wish you were here! 

I am staying in an apartment in Menorca with my family and best friend for a whole month with only a hand luggage case and a small amount of liquids so I thought that it would be fun to show you my minimal beauty essentials that I will be taking away with me.

– I will be buying my main beauty bits like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel etc in Menorca when we get there. I only brought skincare and some makeup along with me :)! 

So here’s what I will be taking to Menorca with me…


First of all, I got my liquids bag from Muji. I will try and link this along with everything else if possible!

This bag is airport appropriate and I have never had any problems with it (touch wood) when going through security.

First up I will talk about Charles Worthington’s sunshine protection spray. This is a spray which protects your hair from the sun’s rays as well as possible damage to your hair from both chlorine and salt water.

You simply spray this spray all over your hair and leave it in. This isn’t a greasy spray and nor does it leave your hair feeling damp and sticky – I swear by this on holiday in order to not damage my hair. I like to spray this in my hair and then tie my hair into a bun to keep my hair out of my face and out of the way. I would highly recommend this for a summer holiday.

The next product which I will talk about is Batiste’s dry shampoo in the scent ‘floral and fruity blush‘. This spray does smell lovely but it won’t stay on your hair and leave your hair smelling like a bunch of flowers which is great. This dry shampoo is great if you come back from the beach and want your hair to look semi-decent although do keep in mind that you have to rub this dry shampoo in due to it leaving a white residue.

The next product is hand sanitizer. I take this with me everywhere I go because both the plane and the beach can be very dirty so it’s great to have.

This particular hand sanitizer is from Bath and Body works when I went to America last year. Boots do some nice scented hand sanitizers now if you want something similar.

(- I linked a similar hand sanitizer which sounds amazing!! )

Next up is SPF. This is so important for your skin because it helps to prevent wrinkles and age spots for the future you but it will also protect your skin from high radiation which the sun gives out EG skin cancer.

This soap and glory one is great. It’s lightweight, not sticky and SPF 30 which is enough to protect your skin whilst still allowing you to tan nicely.

Next up is Balanceme’s  restore and replenish face cream. This is a great one for a holiday because it helps to even out your skin tone, brighten up your complexion whilst deeply moisturising your skin. It claims to ‘future proof youthful skin’. 99% of the ingredients are all natural and vegan too so all in all it’s a great product to have!

Next up is Balanceme’s tinted wonder eye cream. This eye cream claims that it has ‘ light reflecting particles’. This is again a lovely product for holiday if you are jet lagged or simply want glowy skin all over. I use this mainly because no matter how much sleep I get I always seem to have dark bags under my eyes and this product is a saviour to fix this!

Next up is benefits total moisture facial cream. I got this in my Benefit advent calendar which my Mum kindly got me for Christmas. I am yet to try this but it claims to add radiance and deep moisture to your skin so I am excited to try this and see if it really does give me radiating skin which is perfect for holiday.

– I am bringing two moisturisers as I am away for a whole month! 

Next up I am bringing ELF’s BB cream which I got from Walmart when I went to America last summer. This gives surprisingly great coverage for a BB cream and it has SPF 20 so I love to use and take this BB cream on holiday. I don’t wear much makeup in the daytime but I like to get dressed up in the evenings.


Not edited at all!


Next up is Clinique’s chubby stick for lips in the shade woopin’ watermelon. This is a great go-to lipstick for the beach or just everyday holiday wear. It is not long lasting but it is very glossy and moisturising so for a casual beach day is lovely to have.


Not edited at all!


Next up is Carmex’s strawberry lip balm. I love to wear this when my lips are feeling a bit dry or when I am sunbathing because it has SPF 15 in it and so many people seem to forget that your lips can get sunburnt too so it’s very important to try and wear lip products with SPF in them during the summer time.

Almost there, next up is a face mask.

Sometimes on holiday I fancy a little pamper and as I am away for a whole month I know that my skin will need a little TLC throughout the holiday thanks to a lot of damage from the sun, sea and other problems. This ginseng mask which I got from my holiday to Malaysia is great as it smoothes out your skin, adds moisture, clears your skin from spots and balances out your oils. This is basically a miracle mask!

Last but not least I like to bring along some perfume. I had a few Diptique travel size perfumes hanging around so I decided to bring the along because they don’t take up much room yet they surprisingly last a long time.

I have the following three scents; “FLORABELLIO”, “L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU”, EAU DUELLE”

What are you travel essentials? Please let me know in the comments below! 

– Lauren, xo 

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