Asian Beauty Haul and Review

Hi Guys!♥

If you follow my Instagram then you would know that I have recently got back from Asia.

I just love asia’s culture, landscapes and food. I have been coming to the same asian island (Pula Pinang) every year for christmas and new year since I was 4 years old! I am friends with lots of local people and hotel staff, they’ve all watched me grow up and mature as a person!


Anyway, Of course I had to do some beauty shopping in Asia as they’re famous for their sheet masks and wacky beauty products.

  • I stock up on masks every year that I go!


Here is what I got from Watsons;



I have only tried a few of these products so I can’t comment too much on them yet but I can tell you that most of these masks are sheet masks as asian beauty is famous for their sheet masks.

I loved all of the cute packaging and slogans that the masks include such as “I’m not in a good mood” and “I’m at that time of the month”- These are such cute ideas to use when you do feel down and need cheering up.

I can’t wait to use all of these masks. Make sure you look out for a review soon 🙂

-Lauren , XO


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